WATCH: North Texas RB Jeffrey Wilson throws up on consecutive plays

Anyone who’s ever had to throw up knows one thing — it waits for nothing. You could be in a crowded elevator or airplane. You could be in a romantic situation. As North Texas running back Jeffrey Wilson found out, vomit won’t even wait for you to get off of the football field.

Wilson threw up not once, but twice, on consecutive plays.

The first came well before the snap. There’s never a good time to throw up on a football field, but it could have been worse.

We know it could have been worse because of what happened on the following play. Wilson threw up right before the snap, which you can watch here.

Making matters worse, quarterback Alec Morris was standing immediately to Wilson’s right and was distracted. As a result, the ball got away from Morris, who had to scramble to fall on it.

Despite being sick, Wilson had a good game. He rushed for 81 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries and added six receptions for 46 yards and another touchdown. Unfortunately for Wilson and his North Texas teammates, it was not enough. Army won the game 38-31 in overtime.