WATCH: Nick Saban has absolutely NOT forgotten about 2010 loss to South Carolina

Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide are hitting the road for a date with the South Carolina Gamecocks this Saturday, and Nick Saban would certainly love some payback.

You see, the last time Alabama played against South Carolina, they lost by two touchdowns, 35-21. The Crimson Tide went into that game ranked No. 1 in the nation but got outplayed in a big way by the No. 19-ranked Gamecocks.

On Friday, Saban was asked if he remembers the loss. He hit a bit of a sarcastic tone as he relayed that yes, in fact, he remembers that game.

Looking ahead to Saturday’s matchup, a repeat of the 2010 outcome is almost certainly not in the cards. South Carolina is nowhere near as competitive now as it was back then, but the Crimson Tide are as potent as ever before.