WATCH: NFL ref shoves Stefon Diggs

During the first quarter of Sunday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles, an NFL referee shoved Stefon Diggs, not exactly gently, either.

Sam Bradford had just thrown an interception in the end zone and a pile developed after Rodney McLeod hauled in the errant pass. Diggs was milling around on the edge of the pile when the ref just shoved him out of the way.


Now, it’s worth pointing out that Diggs wasn’t doing much┬áto provoke a response other than some gentle hand fighting with a defender. It’s also worth pointing out that NFL players get ejected for doing something even remotely similar to what the ref did here.

Some might view what happened as much ado about nothing. After all, the ref was just trying to make his way to the action and Diggs was in the way.

We’re not sure the players would agree with that sentiment, however.