WATCH: Multiple fumbles as Jets and Ravens go Benny Hill

Evan Habeeb, USA Today Sports

There’s been some good football thus far on the seventh Sunday of regular season NFL action. There’s also been a comedy of errors throughout the NFL.

This has come rearing its ugly head again as the New York Jets host the Baltimore Ravens in a game between two struggling AFC teams.

The usually sure-handed Matt Forte fumbled the football on the way to the end zone, setting into motion an error-filled play that should have been accompanied by Benny Hill music.

Yes. That’s Forte coughing up the football. It was then recovered by Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, who proceeded to get stripped by Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

When all was said and done, the Jets and Marshall recovered the football and received a new set of downs. Forte would cross the goal line with the actual football in his hands three plays later.