WATCH: Moto3 rider Jakub Kornfeil pulls off miraculous save during French Grand Prix

Jakub Kornfeil

Sometimes you just have to see something for yourself before you can really understand that a miraculous event has transpired. Such an event unfolded on Sunday during French Moto3 Grand Prix, as Jakub Kornfeil executed an unbelievable save to avoid disaster.

Here’s a great still that captures how much of a razor’s edge Kornfeil was balancing on as he maneuvered over the bike of his rival, Enea Bastianini.

Not only did he successfully execute a bunny hop here, but Kornfeil landed in the gravel and still managed to stay upright and continue racing.

“The first thing I was thinking of was to open the gas and stand up on the pegs,” said Kornfeil, who eventually finished sixth, per ABC News. “The landing was so heavy, my rear suspension went down to its maximum.”

Everyone who was watching was absolutely floored by it all, including commentator Matthew Birt.

“Evel Knievel has got nothing on Jakub Kornfeil, I’ll tell you that,” Birt said.

Not surprisingly, Kornfeil was exceedingly sore after the race and said he couldn’t wait to stretch out.