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WATCH: Mike Trout hits incredible moon-shot home run to center field

Jesse Reed
Mike Trout
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen: Mike Trout is pretty good at this baseball thing. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Angels star reminded us with a tremendous home run to center field against the Texas Rangers.

Here’s a clip of Trout’s latest eyebrow-raising accomplishment.

Now, this isn’t the deepest home run we’ve seen recently, or even close to it. Trout’s blast went “just” 389 feet. But here’s the crazy part: As you can see in the video, the launch angle off Trout’s bat was an incredible 38 degrees.

Folks, that’s the epitome of a moon shot. If we’re honest, it might have actually gone over the moon before plummeting back to Earth.

It was also Trout’s 12th home run of the season.