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WATCH: Marshon Lattimore with epic pick of Nick Foles

Matt Johnson
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As Marshon Lattimore exited the field with an injury, the New Orleans Saints seemed in imminent danger of a 21-0 deficit against the Philadelphia Eagles. Two plays later, Lattimore returned to the field and made a stunning play that could change the game.

Foles stood in the pocket on second down and aimed for the deep shot to tight end Zach Ertz down the sideline. Instead, Lattimore made an outstanding leaping grab to steal the ball from Ertz and come down with the game-changing interception.

The 22-year-old cornerback’s big play couldn’t have come at a bigger moment for the Saints. If he whiffed on the interception and Ertz hauled it in, New Orleans almost certainly faced a three-score deficit.

Now New Orleans is back in business and the ball is back in the hands of Drew Brees to make special things happen at home in front of a crowd that is excited and loud once again.