WATCH: Marquise Goodwin surprises mom, sister with new home

By Jesse Reed

Marquise Goodwin has the heart of a lion and the gentle soul of a dove. The latter is in full bloom right now, as we’re about to show you.

Goodwin surprised his mother and disabled sister with a brand new home. He literally rolled out the red carpet for them. He had them cover their eyes with handkerchiefs until he had them in the driveway, then he unveiled the surprise.

The reaction of Goodwin’s mom is just amazing.

“I know mama… I can feel your energy in this video! All the obstacles WE have overcome… Man…I love you so much mama… thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially blessing me with a sis like my Deja!!! ???? #Blessed @mamaflashgoodwin_s

Goodwin recently inked a lucrative three-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers following a career season in 2017. He caught 56 passes for 962 yards and two touchdowns and really came alive once Jimmy Garoppolo took over late in the season.

Clearly, Goodwin is putting his money to good use.