WATCH: Marlins’ Harold Ramirez walks off against the Twins

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins will look back to Thursday’s game against the last-place Miami Marlins as one that got away.

Currently in a tough race with the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central, Minnesota simply can’t afford to give games away.

That’s exactly what happened in Miami. Up 4-1 after five innings, it looked like Minnesota was going to walk away with an easy victory. The team added another homer to its record pace early and seemed to be in domination mode.

Instead, Miami scored three runs in the ninth inning to tie it. After both teams failed to score in the 10th and 11th, Marlins youngster Harold Ramirez took a Cody Stashak pitch deep in the bottom of the 12th for a walk-off homer.

The walk-off homer traveled 406 feet with an exit velocity of 105 mph. It was an absolute laser. This represented the rookie’s seventh homer of the season. And needless to say it was his biggest to date.

One has to wonder if the Twins are going to end up looking back at this game as one of the reasons they gave up what was a huge AL Central lead earlier in the season.

Only time will tell on that front.