Watch: Mark Sanchez Sings Atrocious Karaoke, Steals Phone

By Rachel Wold

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez wants to lead the team’s offense this season. However, he should never attempt to become a lead singer, as displayed in an atrocious karaoke performance with wide receiver Riley Cooper on hand.

If you can’t tell what Sanchez is singing, it was “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. A fan named Marquis captured the brief video before Sanchez snatched the phone away. Marquis reportedly called a morning show the next day, 97.5 The Fanatic, and told the tale of Sanchez and his phone.

He explained that Sanchez and Cooper wanted him to hang out with them, but then Sanchez turned defensive and took Marquis’ phone away. Marquis said Sanchez said he put the phone at the bar, later revealing he had the phone, pulled it out of his pocket and returned the device.

We can just chalk this up to another embarrassing Sanchez moment, just like his classic butt fumble and interesting bottomless dance moves that were caught on film.

Overall, this wasn’t one of Sanchez’s most shining displays of maturity—or singing.

Photo: USA Today Sports