WATCH: Marcus Smart ejected for fighting with J.R. Smith

Celtics guard Marcus Smart
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Even in a preseason game, Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart found a way to get into a fight and be ejected. Naturally, it happened against the Cleveland Cavaliers when he hit J.R. Smith.

Late in the first quarter with the Cavaliers leading 18-12, Smith collided with Celtics center Aron Baynes and the pair exchanged shoves. Smart then came running in and hit Smith in the back.

Smith quickly went after Smart as their teammates tried to pull each of them back. When Smart got free and tried to get another shot on Smith, his teammates ran in and started dragging him away. As Smart’s teammates began pulling him to the ground, Smith openly laughed at the moment.

Officials ejected Smart from the game and as he left the court, Smith waved goodbye to his sparring partner.

These two will match up multiple times in games that actually count, so more could be coming between these two.