WATCH: Major brawl breaks out between Tigers and Yankees

Miguel Cabrerra Detroit Tigers
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers have a heralded history against one another. It dates back to a bygone era when brawls themselves were commonplace.

The two definitely turned the clock back Thursday in Detroit with Tigers star Miguel Cabrera and Yankees catcher Austin Romine getting into it big time.

The whole issue stems from multiple on-field altercations between the Tigers and Yankees earlier in the season.

As you can see above, Cabrera threw the first punch. Though, Romine himself wouldn’t be deterred. He ended up tossing the Tigers All-Star to the ground, as both benches and bullpens cleared.

A bit later in the brawl, we saw Yankees star young catcher Gary Sanchez throw multiple punches in the direction of Tigers players.

Both Romine and Cabrera were ejected from the game, but there promises to be multiple suspensions stemming from the brawl.

For the Tigers, it’s not necessarily a huge deal. Though, New York remains in the American Playoff race. Long-term suspensions could hurt the team down the stretch.