WATCH: Lynn Bowden Jr. scorches Louisville’s defense on stunning 60-yard TD run

© Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Since Kentucky moved Lynn Bowden Jr. from wide receiver to quarterback, the junior has frustrated opponents with his speed. He put it on display in grand fashion on Saturday with an eye-popping touchdown run against Louisville.

After an extended fake to the running back, Bowden Jr. kept the football and burst up the middle of the field. He immediately slipped out of a tackle at the line of scrimmage, then shifted his eyes to the left side and took his incredible run down the sideline.

Once Louisville’s defense cornered him inside the 25-yard line, Bowden Jr. changed direction and went back to the middle of the field. After slipping out of another tackle, the junior sped into the end zone to cap off a remarkable 60-yard touchdown.

Making the transition from wide receiver to quarterback is an incredibly difficult task. While Bowden Jr. has experienced some tough moments along the way, his speed and playmaking ability has made him an exciting threat on offense with the ball always in his hands.