WATCH: Luke Walton beats Stephen Curry in 3-point contest

By David Kenyon

Stephen Curry is perhaps the best shooter in NBA history, but the Golden State Warriors superstar might only hold that title because Luke Walton didn’t get much playing time.

KNBR posted a video of the Warriors interim coach showing off his range in a three-point contest, which included a 5-of-6 mark from the right corner and ended with a victory over Curry.

Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle shared that it was “a seriously handicapped three-point competition. Walton shots from five locations. Curry got only two.”

But don’t let that spoil the fun.

Walton played 564 games during 10 NBA seasons and hoisted just 558 triples, connecting on just 182 (32.6 percent) of the attempts.

Curry, on the other hand, has drilled 1,318 of his 2,981 three-pointers for a 44.2 percent clip. That ranks No. 2 in league history — behind none other than Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has also toppled Curry in a shooting contest.

NBA teams haven’t figured out the secret to stop Curry, but the Baby-Faced Assassin can’t beat his coaches on the practice court.