WATCH: Legends Football League Player Drinks Beer After Touchdown

Now this is some awesome stuff. Heather Furr, a quarterback for the LFL’s Chicago Bliss, decided that she needed a refreshment after scoring a rushing touchdown in a game earlier in July. 

The Legends Football League, previously known as the Lingerie Football League, is an amazing example of sexiness and football combined into one to form a man’s dream.

For her part, Furr isn’t necessarily adverse to these antics. She’s been known to stir stuff up on the football field, this “incident” being the latest example.

The LFL also had some fun at the expense of the NFL in the description section of the embedded You Tube video.

Ever wonder why the NFL is called the ‘No Fun League’ while the LFL is considered the Rock n Roll football league? Could have something to do with players like Heather ROCKSTAR Furr scoring a touchdown then slamming down a fan’s beer!

Looking for something to do until the NFL starts? Maybe sit back, drink a cold one and let this league entertain you.

H/T to Bleacher Report for the video find.