WATCH: LeBron James puts teammates on blast during game

By Vincent Frank

To some, it’s part of his leadership qualities. To others, it’s partially what led Kyrie Irving to request a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Either way we look at it, there’s little doubt that four-time MVP LeBron James expects a lot from his teammates.

That came out in a big way against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night. Here, you’ll see James absolutely laying into his teammates near the bench prior to halftime.

James seemingly has every reason to be upset. Cleveland finished up the first half in Toronto down by the score of 65-40. This comes after the Cavaliers lost their previous game by 28 points to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

One thing we’re learning on the fly. If you don’t live up to James’ expectations, he’s not going to have an issue putting you on blast in front of the entire world.