WATCH: LeBron James posts awesome video of his son on the Lakers

It will be about five years before LeBron James Jr. even sniffs playing in the NBA. Even then, it’s rather apparent that the teenager, about to embark on his high school career, has a real opportunity to play at the game’s highest level.

Just 13 years old, “Bronny” is among the most-talented players of his age group. If things go according to plan, he’s going to be a top college recruit when his high school career if over.

Never one to hide the fact that he wants to eventually suit up with his son, new Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James just posted this amazing animation of him suiting up with his son as a member of the Lakers.


It’s all sorts of brilliant.

While we’re years away from this even becoming a remote possibility, it’s rather clear that the older James wants to see it happen.

“My Goodness this just gave me chills!Man S/O whoever made this!! This is UNREAL/RIDICULOUS!! #JamesGang? #TheKidsFromAkron,” James IG caption read.

Even at 33 years old, James is in no way slowing down on the basketball court. In fact, one could conclude that he’s coming off his best season.

We certainly wouldn’t put it past him to still be going strong once his son becomes NBA Draft eligible.