WATCH: LeBron James rocks Isaiah Thomas, knocks off his headband

LeBron James had just made a beautiful spin move to get wide open for a drive to the hoop. Then Isaiah Thomas stepped in his way. But, as most of us are aware, James is slightly taller than IT, so rather than try to go around him he simply went over and through the smaller defender.

Here’s a video of the play. Thomas was fearless, and he did affect LeBron’s shot.

Here’s a closeup of the moment of impact. James literally palmed Thomas’ face. The force he applied caused the headband to pop right off of Thomas’ head.

It’s pretty much a microcosm of the entire game. James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have completely squashed the Boston Celtics from the first whistle onward.

Hopefully Boston can figure out a way to slow down James, who, at the time of this writing had 37 points on 23 shots to go with six rebounds, nineĀ assists and two steals.