WATCH: Larry Bird drives IndyCar to promote 2021 All-Star Game bid

Larry Bird

Indianapolis is known for it’s racing. Larry Bird is known for, well, being one of the legends of basketball and an Indiana sports god

The now 60-year-old, following a 13-year career filled with three NBA Championships, three MVP Awards and 12 All-Star spots, is now the president of the Indiana Pacers.

To promote his city and his team, the Hall of Famer is now working hard to help the city of Indianapolis become host to the 2021 All-Star Game, and he’s pulling out all of the stops.

Recently, he drove an Indy car in New York with stickers placed on the car to officially announce an All-Star bid in the same state he was born in.

How he fit in that car we have no idea.

According to the Indianapolis Star, commissioner Rob Silver in January said it was, “highly likely that we will return to Indianapolis for an All-Star Game in the near future.”

The last time the Pacers hosted the All-Star Game was in 1985 when Dominique Wilkins defeated Michael Jordan for the dunk title at Market Square Arena and Ralph Sampson was named the MVP after The West won.