WATCH: Lance Stephenson got a technical for this?

Not surprisingly, controversy emerged early in Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Browns, and Lance Stephenson was in the middle of it.

Late in the first quarter, LeBron James’ nemesis was T’d up by the refs for doing something that seemed innocuous enough. He accidentally brushed James’ head with his arm going up for a block.

See for yourself.

It really seems like a huge overreaction by the refs here to give Stephenson a technical. Pretty much everyone watching agreed that he was going for the ball, and that the impact to James’ head was minimal, despite his A+ acting job. But the refs ruled it a dead ball technical because he had been hit with a foul before this and the play was officially dead. Yet James didn’t stop going to the hoop, either.

Twitter had some strong responses to it all.





In this case, we couldn’t agree more.