WATCH: Kris Bryant launches moonshot completely out of Fenway Park

By Michael Dixon

Kris Bryant has crazy power. In his first Major League at bat at Fenway Park, the Chicago Cubs third baseman showed that power off, hitting a ball over the famed Green Monster and completely out of the park onto Lansdowne Street.

Normally speaking, hitting a ball out of Fenway Park isn’t terribly noteworthy. You do have to hit the ball high, but the Green Monster isn’t that far from home plate and there aren’t many rows of seats. It’s not unlike hitting a ball onto Waveland or Sheffield Avenue at Wrigley Field.

But this home run is different.

That ball was not hit right down the line. It was as close to center field as it was to left and estimated at 449 feet.

While it was Bryant’s first at-bat at Fenway, the Park, and the Green Monster, have a special history to Bryant and his family.

Bryant has done an awful lot in his short career. But he now has a cool story to tell about the first time he stepped into the batter’s box at MLB’s oldest park.