WATCH: Kobe Bryant fans fight over sleeve, sniff it

Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour with the Los Angeles Lakers has, for the most part, been drama-free. During Monday night’s stop in Utah to face the Jazz, though, things took a turn towards crazytown.

Bryant tossed his arm sleeve into the crowd, where one fan caught it without much of a struggle.

Then his neighbors from the next row back decided he wasn’t worthy of the honor and took matters into their own hands. See for yourself.

The craziest part is at the end when the victors sniffed Bryant’s sleeve, perhaps in an effort to capture his essence before it vanished into the ether.

Also of note, the camouflage-wearing gentleman who caught the sleeve in the first place appeared to be in a trance of some sort. He didn’t put up much of a fight as his permagrin refused to wane.