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WATCH: Kid tells James Harden his step back is a travel

Matt Johnson
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many things Houston Rockets guard James Harden is known for, his classic step back move is one of the most iconic things about him. Of course, the move has often drawn criticism for often being an uncalled travel violation and it appears one young fan wasn’t afraid to call the All-Star out on it.

During a meet-and-greet with fans on Friday, a young fan wasn’t afraid to ask Harden what made him do his ‘traveling step back move’, a question that Harden even seemed to be a little surprised by.

Naturally, Harden defended the move by saying it’s not a travel as long as neither of the three referees calls it a travel. He also passed along some advice to the young fan by emphasizing the need to always find new advantages to seize on each year.

Harden’s apparently already at work practicing what he preaches. He’s using the offseason to develop an even more creative move that he hopes won’t be called a travel either.