WATCH: Kid hits two balls at the same time in freaky sequence during baseball game

MLB baseballs on display
Mar 9, 2020; Clearwater, Florida, USA; Major league baseballs sit atop the New York Yankees dugout during the third inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Spectrum Field. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Okay so here’s something I’ve never seen, and you probably haven’t, either. A kid was up to bat at his baseball game when, at the exact same time, two balls arrived at the plate. The first was the one everyone expected, as the pitcher delivered his offering. The second was a foul ball from an adjacent field that arrived at exactly the same time.

Somehow, both balls were hit.

Here’s the absolutely wild video that has Twitter talking right now.

What’s really wild here is that Gina Marie, the woman who took the video, says that the plate ump didn’t see what happened, yet one of the balls was caught while the other was fielded. Yet this kid was called out, regardless.

With that in mind, this is pretty spot on: