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WATCH: Kentucky HC John Calipari thought he was ejected for yelling at ref, Gators fans love it

Jesse Reed
John Calipari
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The Kentucky Wildcats aren’t having a good time against Florida Saturday, and head coach John Calipari compounded things by yelling at a ref.

Already having been hit with one technical in the game, Calipari then earned his second early in the second half with Kentucky down by 11 points, and he thought he was ejected from the game. Calipari left the floor, earning some jeers from Gators fans.

Afterward, Calipari came back because the coaches box violation (the first technical) is a bench technical, not a technical on Calipari himself.

This, of course, isn’t exactly uncommon for the coach, who’s known for expressing himself rather vehemently when he is displeased. That being said, he may have had good reason for blowing up this time around, as the officiating crew hasn’t been stellar in this contest.