WATCH: Jordan Spieth brings Jim Mora ‘Playoffs?’ rant back to life

Jordan Spieth doing Jim Mora’s ‘Playoffs?’ bit is uncanny.

Spieth and the rest of the top PGA Tour players are hitting the course at Plainfield Country Club in Edison, N.J. this weekend for the first tournament of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Showing just how loose he is heading into the big tournament, Spieth hit up Dubsmash to share his version of Mora’s infamous speech.


If you close your eyes and listen, Spieth sounds exactly like Mora did when he went off on his team, the Indianapolis Colts in 2001.

Spieth, a 22-year old golfing phenom, has already won two majors and four tournaments this season on the PGA Tour, making 19 cuts in 21 events. He’s almost assuredly going to win the PGA Player of the Year award when it’s all said and done, and he is a heavy favorite to win every tournament he plays at this point.

With this kind of easy-going approach, as we see above, Spieth will likely continue dominating the sport for years to come.