WATCH: Johnny Manziel clearly sold a ton of ‘Comeback$ZN’ merchandise

Jesse Reed
Johnny Manziel

Recently, Johnny Manziel sent a message thanking his fans for buying up all his “Comeback$ZN” merchandise in less than 48 hours. But at that time, there was no way to really quantify whether that was really a lot of hats, t-shirts and hoodies or just a limited supply gone dry.

Well, Manziel released a new video Sunday that shows just how much merchandise was sold. And it’s pretty darn impressive.

Given the recent uptick in Manziel’s name popping up in headlines, this isn’t all that surprising. Even though his NFL career flamed out due to a string of off-field issues, Manziel was always wildly popular with his fans.

Now he’s being talked about as a potential XFL star, and there’s a chance we could see him playing in Canada soon, before Vince McMahon’s league opens in 2020.

Needless to say, given the amount of interest in his wares, we’re assuming Manziel will be eager to buy up more stock for his hungry fans.