WATCH: Johnny Manziel celebrates by himself on Thursday Night Football

By Jesse Reed

Johnny Manziel is performing admirably on the field in reserve of Josh McCown for the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals.

His celebration repertoire?

Now that’s a different story.

After leading the Browns on an impressive 92-yard touchdown scoring drive right before halftime on “Thursday Night Football” — 70 yards of which came via the right arm of Manziel — Johnny Football was predictably happy.

He was so happy he busted out with a celebratory set of moves all by himself on the sideline that might need some interpreting. See for yourself.

There was sadly nobody on the receiving end of Manziel’s jumping celebration, and the first part was an interesting set-up. All in all, we’re giving Johnny Football a C-minus for his moves.

The touchdown was crucial for Cleveland, which trailed the undefeated Bengals by just four points, 14-10, following Manziel’s clutch scoring drive.