WATCH: John Cena does squats with Al Roker over his shoulders

World famous actor and wrestler John Cena was on NBC’s Today show Tuesday morning, and he gave a demonstration about proper squat techniques.

Everything was going pretty normal for a while. He was showing how to descend properly, how to focus on the quad region while doing this exercise and telling people how they could even use a wall if balance was a problem.

Cena talked about how using body weight is sufficient for the exercise but that over time, weight could be added to increase the level of difficulty.

Then, to demonstrate, he hoisted Al Roker over his shoulders and proceeded to squat using Roker as his “added weight.”

Roker, being the good sport that he is, quipped, “He’s working with dumbells!”

It was a good time on set, and the crowd ate it up. Cena, ever the showman, proved that he can even make workout instruction fun and entertaining.