WATCH: John Cena gives perfect Rob Gronkowski impression on SNL

John Cena was the host of this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” and as we’ve come to expect from the WWE star, he put on quite a show.

While we can point to many hilarious sketches, none of them quite set us off laughing hysterically like Cena’s portrayal of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

He absolutely nailed Gronk in a a faux game show entitled “Where’d your money go?”

Cena wasn’t the only guy pretending to be someone else on this show. Kenan Thompson was Charles Barkley, the host of the show. Alex Moffat portrayed Conor McGregor and Bobby Moynihan was golfer John Daly.

They were all fantastic, but we’re giving a tip of the cap to Cena for his spot-on act as party animal Gronk. And if you just squint your eyes a bit, you really can’t tell it’s NOT Gronk.