WATCH: Jayson Tatum rejects Kevin Durant in transition

By Vincent Frank
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not too often that you’re going to see Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant get rejected at the rim. It’s even more rare to see said block happen in transition.

During the third quarter of the Warriors’ game against the Boston Celtics, stud youngster Jayson Tatum did just that.

Stephen Curry had set Durant up well in transition. Unfortunately for Golden State, the two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP bobbled the ball. That enabled a hustling Tatum to send Durant back with authority.

Talk about a tremendous overall play from Tatum there. It was pretty much par for the course through three quarters in Oakland. Boston’s lead ballooned to north of 20 points at halftime.

And the team was making a mockery of the defending champs.