WATCH: Jay Cutler almost starts a kitchen fire in hilarious scene

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler speaks to reporters ahead of NFL preseason Week 2

We all know in the football world that NFL free agent quarterback Jay Cutler is really the star of his Kristin’s reality show, “Very Cavallari.”

Week by week as the show plays out, Cutler never ceases to disappoint his fans with his don’t care demeanor. In the latest episode, Cutler literally lived up to his nickname, “Smokin Jay.” Watch as he accidentally lights a cooking towel on fire, then casually attempts to blow the flames out.

That is the same calm and cool dude we used to watch on football Sundays. Not much ever seems to ruffle Cutler’s feathers.

Many of us in that same kitchen situation might have freaked out, or at least thrown the towel in the sink like Kristin suggested.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old quarterback seems quite content as a stay-at-home dad, part-time farmer and watcher of elk.

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