WATCH: Jalen Hurts fumbles right into the end zone for another brutal turnover against Baylor

Jalen Hurts
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it looked like Jalen Hurts and the Oklahoma Sooners were going to make it interesting against Baylor, the quarterback lost his second fumble of the game.

Hurts was running up the middle and appeared to be poised for a touchdown. Then he had the ball poked out of his arms and lost the fumble into the end zone, where Baylor recovered.


This one was even more painful for the Sooners than Hurts’ first fumble, which occurred when he literally laid the ball on the ground as he was slipping.

The play negated what would have been a touchdown to make it a one-score game. Instead, the Sooners watched Baylor take the ball over again, up by the score of 31-17.