WATCH: Jae Crowder launches full-court in-bounds pass, banks it in

By David Kenyon

On Wednesday night, Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder executed one of the best basketball plays that won’t ever be properly remembered in a box score.

With 1.1 seconds remaining before halftime against the Indiana Pacers, Crowder attempted to convert a full-court alley-oop to give Boston two more points before the break. However, what resulted was something he will likely never do again.

Since the ball didn’t touch anyone else, the spectacular play officially goes down as a turnover. For Crowder’s sake, at least the Pacers weren’t able to use the 1.1 seconds to add to their 49-43 edge at the break.

Don’t worry, Jae. We won’t forget about your moment.

[h/t Adam Himmelsbach, The Boston Globe]