WATCH: Jackie Bradley Jr. with crazy throw to get runner at second

By Vincent Frank
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

All-Star outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. might be struggling at the plate for his Boston Red Sox this season. In no way does that mean he’s taking those struggles to the field.

Tampa Bay Rays infielder Yandy Diaz found that out first-hand early on Saturday at Fenway Park. Diaz roped a Josh Smith pitch off the centerfield wall in the top of the third.

While Diaz himself seemingly trotted around first base, Bradley Jr. was busy throwing a dart to second. What followed caught everyone in Boston by surprise.

That’s a frozen rope of a throw from Bradley there. It’s also borderline embarrassing for Mr. Diaz. How do you get thrown out at second on a ball that was hit off the centerfield fence?

There’s a reason Bradley is a former Gold Glover winner. Plays like this magnify that to a T.