WATCH: J.J. Watt goes to Super Bowl, rants about melons

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt needs to consume a lot of calories to maintain his weight. Part of what he enjoys when staying at a hotel is a fruit plate. But, there’s a particular type of fruit that he calls “filler” and “second tier.”

Just watch as Watt rants about the poor melon family, which he says “doesn’t count” as fruit.

This is good piece of insight to have. Should anyone have Watt over for brunch, when most often fruit is served, don’t put out any melons. He says a bunch of melons on a plate covered by a just a few other real pieces of fruit on top just “doesn’t fly.”

Berries of any type, apples, bananas or kiwi are perfectly acceptable to Watt, however.