WATCH: A.J. Bouye picks off Joe Flacco

By Jesse Reed

The Baltimore Ravens are not off to a good start in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and cornerback A.J. Bouye added to their misery with a tremendous interception midway through the second quarter.

Joe Flacco made a pretty nice throw to Jeremy Maclin on a deep fade down the left sideline. However, Maclin couldn’t hold onto the ball, thanks in part to Bouye. Then as the ball popped loose, Bouye came up with it to give Jacksonville another scoring opportunity, already up 13-0.

Adding insult to injury (literally), Maclin headed to the locker room after being shaken up on the play.

Bouye, who was a huge investment by Jacksonville this offseason as a free agent, appears to be settling into his new role nicely as the complement to second-year star Jalen Ramsey in the team’s defensive backfield.