WATCH: Houston’s DeJon Jarreau ejected for biting opponent

Fans tuning in for the Houston Cougars’ basketball game grabbed a bite to eat before watching Saturday’s action. It turns out, Cougars’ guard DeJon Jarreau apparently wanted to take a bit of something too, except it was another player.

As both players scrapped for the loose ball, Jarreau went to the ground and seemed to grab it. Strangely, he then decided to reach over and bite into the leg of the Cincinnati Bearcats’ player.

We’re not exactly sure what prompted Jarraeu to act like a tiger and bite Keith Williams’ leg. Fortunately, officials immediately ejected Jarreau from the game for the odd and flagrant behavior.

Houston coach Kelvin Sampson did come to his player’s defense after the game and said replay showed there was no bite. It might be true, but Houston’s future opponents might want to be careful just in case.