WATCH: Hornets’ Cody Zeller hilariously rejected by the rim

This is absolutely embarrassing. There’s no other way to go about it. Charlotte Hornets center Cody Zeller is a seven-footer. He should be able to dunk without a problem. That’s until we realize Zeller himself has absolutely no hops.

Check out this play against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Here, Zeller attempts to put back a missed perimeter shot by teammate Dwayne Bacon.

It did not go too swimmingly.

See. What happened here was. Nope, we can’t explain this one away. That’s the biggest doink we’ve seen on an NBA court since Rajon Rondo last attempted to shoot a three.

Billy Hoyle would not be proud.

At the very least, we can hope Zeller and his teammates (mostly his teammates) will have a good laugh at this one after the game.