WATCH: Gordon Hayward seems less than enthused about gender reveal of third child

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest moments for a couple expecting a child is when they reveal if they will have a boy or girl. Reactions to the news can provide an even more special moment, especially Gordon Hayward’s reaction.

Hayward’s wife revealed the baby’s gender to the father of two and their two young daughters in an unboxing video. While the daughters’ reaction is especially cute, Hayward’s reaction is even better.


The 28-year-old forward says “It’s a girl” in a sad tone then tells his daughter she was right. His wife laughs at his reaction and asks if he is happy, he then walks a few feet away to kick one of the balloons and half-heartedly says “Daddy is always happy”.

Needless to say, it seems Hayward was hoping he would finally have a son. Instead, he’ll now find himself outnumbered with four girls in the house.

The father of three is certainly happy to have a child on the way, but it’s obvious a big part of him was hoping the balloons were blue.