WATCH: Golden Tate pulls off Deion Sanders celebration in Dallas

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions didn’t get off to a great start early in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys in Dallas.

That’s until wide receiver Golden Tate absolutely mocked what has been a good Cowboys defense. It came on third-and-3 from inside Dallas’ territory. Matthew Stafford connected with Tate on a beautiful 45-yard touchdown, burning the home team’s defense in the process.

But it’s not the touchdown that tells the entire story. Tate legitimately pulled a Deion Sanders. He did so in Dallas. And it was all sorts of amazing.


The high-stepping. The taunting. This was certainly a job well done by Tate. He took advantage of laxed NFL rules relating to celebrations in order to pull out the move that made Primetime famous.

All we need now is for Tate to go all Terrell Owens next. Please, make it happen.