WATCH: George Springer exits game after HBP

By Michael Dixon
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros game against the Oakland Athletics got off to a bad start for Houston. Star outfielder George Springer was hit by a pitch from Oakland’s Jesse Hahn and left the game.

Fortunately, there is a bit of good news for Springer and the Astros.

Springer’s left shoulder appeared to take the brunt of the impact. It’s never fun to get hit. Still, a meaty part of the body like the shoulder is far preferable to the face.

It’s also preferable to the hand. The ball did appear to glance off of Springer’s hand after hitting his shoulder and he certainly landed awkwardly. But even that’s preferable to getting hit directly on the hand.

Springer left the game and was replaced by Jake Marisnick.