WATCH: Draymond Green slams reporter for playing ‘gotcha’ game about Houston floods

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports

A reporter during Draymond Green’s post-game interview tried to get the outspoken Golden State Warriors star forward to say something controversial, but instead he got called out for trying to win the “gotcha” game.

Following the Warriors’ 121-94 blowout win over the Houston Rockets, Green was asked if he thought the floods had something to so with Golden State’s loss in Game 3, just like had occurred the year before under similar circumstances.

Rather than get suckered into making headlines by saying something dumb, Green turned the tables on the reporter, and his comeback was straight fire.

Green pointed out that┬áthis same reporter had tried to get him┬áto make a comment about the exact same thing in an earlier practice before Sunday’s blowout win.

Rather than try to make the flood about anything basketball related, as the reporter had intended, Green instead said he feels sorry for the people who are suffering and that he’s praying for them.

“If I was from Houston, I’d be doing anything I can to help the city out, and I’m sure some of those guys are going to do what they can to help the city out. …It sucks. Stop trying to do that,” Green said in regards to the reporter’s line of questioning. “That’s not cool, man. You keep asking me the same question about this flood. These people are losing their lives…they’re losing their homes. Don’t ask me that no more.”

The unnamed reporter ought to have his credentials pulled after a stunt like this.

As for Green, we applaud him for his candor and for shooting this line of questioning down with some heartfelt, cold, hard truth.