WATCH: Did LeBron James goaltend prior to game-winning shot?

Cavaliers forward LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers relied on the greatest player in today’s NBA to take a 3-2 series led over the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night. Facing the real possibility of being eliminated in the first round, LeBron James went into full takeover mode.

Following a late-game turnover, James blocked a Victor Oladipo shot prior to hitting the game-winning three against Indiana. Needless to say, Twitter absolutely lost its mind over James’ 44-point outing (here’s the best reactions).

But lost in all the drama, it sure the heck looks like James goaltended on his blocked shot of Oladipo with the game tied at 95. You be the judge here.

Yeah, James might have gotten away with one here. We also wonder why officials didn’t review the play. Cleveland immediately called timeout prior to James’ game-winning three. There was time to review the play.

Though, it’s unlikely this would have made a huge difference in the game. If officials had decided it was goaltending, James’ three would have still given Cleveland the win. Then again, the Cavs might have drawn up a different play altogether with three seconds remaining.

Debate amongst yourselves.