WATCH: Derek Jeter’s Nephew Pulls a Derek Jeter

This might very well be one of the cutest things ever. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was honored by the Detroit Tigers prior to their game on Wednesday evening in what has been a cross-country tour of cities paying homage to the Captain. 

But it wasn’t Jeter or what he received that stole the show.

Instead, his nephew Jalen pretty much overshadowed the Yankee’ great.

Jeter has tipped his cap to the crowd thousands of times in his extensive playing career. And for his young nephew to mimic him when the boy was being announced…well it is pretty grand.

Jeter moved to Michigan at the age of four and attended Kalamazoo Central High School, which is about two hours from Detroit. Needless to say, this was somewhat of a reunion for the soon-to-be retired shortstop. His parents and sister were also brought on to the field for pre-game festivities.

But once again, it was Jalen with the moment that no one will forget.

H/t to Yahoo Sports! for some of the information in this story.