WATCH: Deebo Samuel averts disaster, then scores on opening kickoff

By Jesse Reed
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

What started out looking like it could be a disaster for South Carolina turned into pure gold on the game’s opening play Saturday against Ole Miss. Deebo Samuel was back to receive the opening kickoff and flubbed the return, only to rectify his mistake with a glorious return.

Ninety yards later he was into the end zone for a touchdown before either offense hit the field.

Samuel has been making some jaw-dropping plays of late and is just sparkling for his team.

So far, it’s been all Gamecocks. Following an Ole Miss field goal, South Carolina scored its first offensive touchdown of the game before forcing a turnover on the next Rebels possession. It’s early, but the Gamecocks lead 14-3 and appear to have all the momentum in this game.