WATCH: Danny Green wins game for Raptors on buzzer beater

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Green might not have been the headliner in the deal that sent Kawhi Leonard from San Antonio to Toronto, but he’s been a darn good pro over the course of his 10-year NBA career.

Toronto found this out first hand Tuesday night against the Orlando Magic. With the game tied at 91 and just over two seconds remaining, Toronto inbounded the ball to Green, who won the game with an awesome buzzer beater.

Orlando had to be shocked that the Raptors drew up a play for Green, not Kawhi Leonard or fellow All-Star Kyle Lowry. Instead, it was the veteran who sent his Raptors to a 14-4 mark on the season.

Green finished the game with 13 points on just 5-of-13 shooting. But this one shot is all that mattered here.