WATCH: Dak Prescott addresses critics in first commercial

By Jesse Reed

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott finally has his first commercial up and running, and there’s a not so hidden message within.

Earlier this year, Prescott reportedly turned down some lucrative endorsement opportunities in order to spend time with his grandmother. Now, with the NFL season nearly in the books, he has become the face of Champ Sports.

“Go ahead. Doubt me,” Prescott says. “I’ll just work harder. This is my moment. And I’m ready.”

The timing of this commercial is extremely interesting. Prescott is starting to come under fire after a couple of uninspiring performances — against the Minnesota Vikings in a narrow win and the New York Giants in a loss last Sunday night. For the first time all season, the rookie out of Mississippi State threw multiple interceptions against New York, and the Cowboys scored a total of 22 points in those two games.

Not surprisingly, there have been calls for Tony Romo to return to the starting lineup by Cowboys Nation.

The team is sticking with the rookie, at least for now. Though it’s worth pointing out that owner Jerry Jones made some interesting comments that tell us he’s not ruling out Romo this year (more on that here).

Dallas will almost certainly wrap up a first-round bye and the No. 1 seed in the NFC before the regular season is at an end. Before it began, if you were told that Romo would miss the entire year, chances are you’d assume the ‘Boys’ season would have been dead on arrival like it was in 2015.

That didn’t happen, and Prescott’s leadership has been a big reason for the team’s success.

It is going to be fascinating to see if Dallas does indeed stick with Prescott the rest of the way or if head coach Jason Garrett will finally turn to Romo, a la Peyton Manning last year with the Denver Broncos, if the rookie does continue to falter down the stretch.