WATCH: Comedy of errors turns would-be Vandy TD into touchback for Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Vanderbilt needs a bit of magic this Saturday to beat Notre Dame. Unfortunately, the only magic the Commodores have conjured is a heavy dose of comedy.

And not the good kind.

Vandy had a chance to score its first touchdown of the game in the second quarter. Quarterback Kyle Shurmur hit Donaven Tennyson for 20 yards, and it looked like he might score. Then Alohi Gilman forced a fumble.

The Commodores had a chance to recover for a touchdown. Instead, it went for a touchback to Notre Dame.

Here’s some video of the crazy sequence.


It’s plays like this one that will drive coaches absolutely batty.

Notre Dame went on to score three more points to lead 16-0 before Vandy finally put three points on the board before the half.