WATCH: Colgate DB with hit of the year against Army

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things football fans love more than bone-crunching hits and the Colgate Raiders provided one of the biggest in football this season on Saturday against Army.

In the third quarter on an option play, Army’s quarterback Kelvin Hopkins Jr. found the edge then was wrecked by Colgate’s defensive back Alec Wisniewski on a crushing hit. The ball immediately popped out as Hopkins laid on the turf and Colgate recovered it and returned it for a touchdown.

Watching the hit is one thing but the sound of the hit is what really takes this to a whole different level. It was a clean hit but delivered with such force that it completely wiped out Hopkins Jr. and produced that chilling sound.

Fortunately, Hopkins Jr. got up and was able to remain in the game. It will be a hit he and everyone watching will remember for a long time.